Industry Partners

STEM South West is committed to growing and supporting the community of STEM industries across the South West region of Ireland. Our goal is to bring industry closer together to jointly address regional challenges such as talent pipelining and share knowledge of best practices and available supports

Our Goals

STEM Talent Pipeline

Enhance the robustness of the STEM Talent Pipeline in the South West.

STEM Industry Network

Establish a dedicated STEM Industry Network in the South West

Increased FDI

Drive increased Foreign Direct Investment in STEM in the South West

Drive Economic Development

Drive increased Economic Development of Indigenous STEM sector in the South West

Strengthen STEM South West Brand

Significantly strengthen the STEM brand of the South West in the minds of the public, local communities and international

Align STEM Research with Industry Needs

Influence the strategic alignment of STEM Research and Innovation activity in line with industry needs in the South West

Develop International STEM Collaborations

Develop International STEM Collaborations among Global and EU Clusters

Collaborate with All Existing STEM Initiatives

Collaborate with all existing STEM Initiatives in the South West to ensure maximum benefit and impact across the region

Our Partners

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