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STEM South West Cluster

STEM South West is an industry-led STEM cluster, established in 2019 to promote and nurture STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) throughout the South West region of Ireland.

The cluster comprises industry partners (SMEs and MNCs), Higher Education Institutes Munster Technological University (MTU), University College Cork (UCC) and Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT), local government (Cork County Council) and the Southern Regional Skills Forum, who are all working together to maximise the capacity of the STEM Sector in the South West and create and develop opportunities for members and the communities within which they operate.

The Challenge

STEM industries in the South West region have enjoyed very high levels of success over recent decades. New investment announcements have been plentiful and employment opportunities in STEM industries have grown consistently.

In order to build on this success and maximise opportunities for future development, STEM South West is determined to maximise the extent to which STEM talent is developed, retained, and attracted to work in the region for the foreseeable future.

The Solution

STEM South West aims to provide a competitive, innovative and resilient enterprise base that will facilitate STEM skills training, cross-regional collaboration between industry, government and academia, and increase employment and economic opportunities throughout the STEM sector in the South West region.​

“Being part of the STEM Southwest Cluster has inspired collaboration among companies to support Education outreach initiatives. This helps schools have a coordinated approach and make a real impact on the future talent pipeline.”

Michael Loftus,
Vice President for External Affairs,
Munster Technological University (MTU)

Our Goals

STEM Talent Pipeline

Enhance the robustness of the STEM Talent Pipeline in the South West.

STEM Industry Network

Establish a dedicated STEM Industry Network in the South West

Increased FDI

Drive increased Foreign Direct Investment in STEM in the South West

Drive Economic Development

Drive increased Economic Development of Indigenous STEM sector in the South West

Strengthen STEM South West Brand

Significantly strengthen the STEM brand of the South West in the minds of the public, local communities and international

Align STEM Research with Industry Needs

Influence the strategic alignment of STEM Research and Innovation activity in line with industry needs in the South West

Develop International STEM Collaborations

Develop International STEM Collaborations among Global and EU Clusters

Collaborate with All Existing STEM Initiatives

Collaborate with all existing STEM Initiatives in the South West to ensure maximum benefit and impact across the region

Board Members

Mary Good


Chief Operations Officer at Advanced Medical Services

John Morrissy


CIO – Global Concentrate at PepsiCo

Áine McCarthy


Signal Chain Applications Engineer at Analog Devices

Brenda Cooper


Operations Manager at Horner APG

Marguerite O’Sullivan

Outgoing Chair

Senior Engineer Strategy Leader at Kenvue

Michael Loftus

Vice President for External Affairs at Munster Technological University

Sharon Corcoran

Director of Economic Development & Tourism at Cork County Council

Elaine O’Donnell

Sr Director of Quality Control & Validation at Gilead Sciences Limited

Prof. Sarah Culloty

UCC Head of College, Science, Engineering and Food Science

Paul O’Brien

Co-Founder at MatchSTEM

Charlie Dolan

Director, Charlie Dolan Consulting Ltd
Institute of Career Guidance

John Murphy

STEM Teacher at Regina Mundi College, Cork

Ronan Hayes

Director MSAT (Manufacturing Science & Technology), Johnson & Johnson

Mairéad Cummins

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, PM Group


Jeremiah Hayes


Martin Boyle

Eli Lilly

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